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Developer's Guide To Equinox

Equinox provides means to embed email messaging support into .NET and/or Mono runtime applications.

Since the library contains a custom LINQ provider it heavily depends on the LINQ extensions as well as some features introduced with .NET 4.0, it requires at least the .NET 4.0 Framework or the 2.8 Mono Runtime.

The .NET Micro Framework is not supported since it lacks almost all security features as SSL,RSA,SHA which are used extensively throughout the project.

The library supports basic and some advanced operations for the IMAP, SMTP and POP3 protocols. A precise listing can be found here.

The library is split into five main assemblies.

  • Crystalbyte.Equinox.Mime.dll
  • Crystalbyte.Equinox.Core.dll
  • Crystalbyte.Equinox.Smtp.dll
  • Crystalbyte.Equinox.Imap.dll
  • Crystalbyte.Equinox.Pop3.dll

The usage for each library is pretty much self explanatory, what is not, are the dependencies.

The Mime assembly has no dependencies to the others which means it can be used as a standalone mime parser.

The Core assembly serves as a repository for objects shared among all clients to remove redundancy.

All other assemblies depend on the Mime and the Core assembly, but not on each other, it is therefor possible to deploy Smtp support without having to load the Imap assembly or vise versa.

Since there is no need for the user to actually access the Mime or the Core assembly by hand, the documentation will focus on the remaining assemblies, reflecting the three supported protocols.

Using the IMAP Protocol
Using the SMTP Protocol
Using the POP3 Protocol

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